Shitty Boss Awards

Get your boss the shitty trophy they deserve

Artisan crafted shit trophy, inspired by a shit taken completely in-house. Your boss works hard to be an ass, and they deserve to be recognized as such.

Trophy on desk

Shitty Trophy

A lot of sweat, tears, meat, and cheeses went into making the inspiration for this trophy and we must say - it's a work of art.

Shitty Certificate

At first, a trophy was all we wanted to make, but a lasting impression requires official documentation

Shitty certificate
Shit list

Shit List

A well-thought out checklist of all the reasons your shitty boss deserves their shitty award; the coup de grace, if you will

Get In Line ASAP

We are hard at work making this heaping pile of shit-trophies and orders are queueing up. Drop your email and we'll notify you when the batch is done.

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Thank you

We can't wait to hear about your bosses reaction to this glorious golden heap of shit.